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Mr Aaron Kaase is a public officer with Nigeria’s Police Service Commission (PSC) with a principled opposition to systemic fraud and abuse of office in public life. His stance led to a plot of persecution at work and human rights violations, including frivolous criminal prosecution based on manufactured narratives aimed at silencing him after he blew the whistle to reveal serious allegations of possible fraud in the PSC involving the Chairman and Nigeria’s former Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mike Okiro.

Right To Know (R2K), Nigeria and the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will envisage both institutions working together in partnership towards a profound implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2011 within the institutional structure of the BPSR.

The number of FoI Judgements upholding the right of Nigerians to access information held by public institutions in Nigeria have steadily increased since the passage of the Act in May, 2011. This is largely due to the failure of public institutions to comply with their obligations under the Act to grant request within the time limits and their reluctance to proactively disclose these information.

Abuja; Tuesday, 14 April 2015: Right To Know (R2K), Nigeria commends Nigeria’s President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on his recent statement on Sahara TV aired on Sunday 12 April, 2015, in which he stated that he would ensure all governors, ministers, permanent secretaries, head of foreign staff and political appointees declare their assets on assumption and at the end of their term in order to ensure accountability in the public service.

Right to Know Nigeria (R2K) today announces the release of a Freedom of Information (FoI) animated Pamphlet titled ‘FoI Act; Your Right to Know’.

The 16 paged coloured pamphlet introduces the framework of access to information as a right, highlights major provisions of the Act and the processes of utilising the law in very easy to read English, with striking visuals for easy retention and understanding. It highlights salient features of the Act, in a comprehensible pictorial format that is readily assimilated, particularly providing clarity to such contentious issues as the various exemptions under the Act.

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The Right To Know (R2K), Nigeria is a dynamic organisation established in 2007 to champion the right to access officially held information at all levels of government public institutions and establishing legal standards for these rights in Nigeria.

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